Using Computers at Highlands


This document was prepared for the First Year Experience Class (Fall semester 2007) to provide basic information about using computers, e-mail, E-COURSES, and Self-Service Banner on campus. Technology and computers are used extensively at universities and we want to make it easy for you to use technology during your educational experience at Highlands.

Q. What is ITS?
Q. Where is ITS located?
Q. What is the ITS helpdesk number?
Q. Can I get high speed internet in the residence hall?
Q. Does the university provide wireless access?
Q. Why do I need a university student username?
Q. Why do I need student email? I already have an email account?
Q. How do I send an email to my professor or another student?
Q. What is E-COURSES?
Q. What is Self-Service Banner (SSB)?
Q. What software is running on university computers?
Q. What is the best way to move or save my files and documents?
Q. What is the big deal about backup?
Q. Should I turn off my popup blocker?
Q. What do I do when I am having trouble logging in?
Q. Why is the computer not accepting my new password?
Q. The computer says my account is locked. What happened and what do I do?
Q. I keep trying my password but Student Email, Self-Service Banner or E-COURSES will not let me log in. What is wrong?
Q. Does the University provide free software?
Q. Does the university sell software?
Q. Should I turn off computers in labs when I am done?
Q. Where can I find a computer to use on campus?
Q. What kinds of things can I find online?
Q. How do I remove a USB drive from the computer?
Q. My instructor says they did not get my email assignment, how can I find a copy to send again?
Q. I am unable to send or receive email and I get messages saying my mail box is full. How do I correct this problem?
Q. Can anyone send email to my student Email account?
Q. I moved and the university has the wrong address. Can I change it?
Q. Is it ok to allow cookies for Highlands web pages?
Q. Should I save my password?
Q. Is it ok to let someone else use my student account?
Q. Java wants to upgrade to a new version. Should I allow Java upgrade?
Q. Does the student email provide virus protection?
Q. Does the student email provide spam protection?
Q. Why does Highlands send me all this email?
Q. Why is email so slow or seems to hang or freeze up? How do I get rid of large emails without reading them? Best practices for reading email when my internet connection is slow.
Q. Why do I need to set a security question in Self-Service Banner?
Q. The university is using Microsoft Office 2010 how do I exchange documents with my home computer which is using an earlier version of Office?
Q. What is SkyDrive?

General advice on maintaining your computer:

Here are some suggestions or best practices:

  1. Keep your computer up to date. Turn on the Automatic Updates and install the Microsoft critical updates when they are issued.
  2. Make sure your Anti-Virus program is running and it has the latest Virus detection files. New ones are issued daily. Read above on how to get a free Anti-Virus program.
  3. Do not save your password on public computers.
  4. Never share your username, password, or computer account with anyone. If someone should be using a university computer, they will have an account.
  5. Backup up your files regularly.
  6. Always log out of the computer when you are done.
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