NMHU Switchboard 505-425-7511
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Area code is 505

Fax: 454-3103
505-426-2046 Jennifer Lindline,   Department Chair/Professor HSCI-332
505-454-3263 Roberta L Lisenbee,   Department Secretary HSCI-331
505-454-3263 Geology, Environmental HSCI
Fax: 3103
Natural Resources HSCI
505-454-3513 Michael Petronis Ph.D.,   Professor of Geology HSCI-322
505-454-3176 Kyle Rose,   Assistant Professor HSCI-333
505-454-3208 Joshua Sloan,   Assistant Professor HSCI-335
505-454-3320 James Biggs Ph.D.,   Visiting Assistant Professor of Forestry HSCI-335
505-454-3501 Blanca Cespedes-Gonzalez Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor of Forestry HSCI-336
505-426-2267 Craig Conley,   Associate Professor of Forestry HSCI-333
Fax: 454-3103
Edward A Martinez,   Professor of Forestry HSCI-334
505-426-2077 Adrienne Miller,   GIS Specialist LS-170
505-454-3176 Michelle Reilly Ph.D.,   Visiting Assistant Professor of Forestry HSCI-137
505-454-3033 Julie Tsatsaros Ph.D.,   Visiting Associate Professor of Forestry HSCI-334
505-426-2179 Daryl Williams,   Associate Scientist HSCI-155
505-426-2146 Joseph Zebrowski,   Instructor of Forestry LS-100