NMHU Switchboard 505-425-7511
NMHU Recruitment Toll-Free 1 800 338-6648
Area code is 505

505-454-3239 Lauren Addario,   Visiting Instructor TB-135
505-454-3588 Mary Basler,   Facilities Manager/Administrative Associate TB-103
505-454-3312 Stuart Gelzer,   Visiting Instructor TB-130
505-454-3184 Elias Gonzales,   Visiting Professor TB-133
505-454-3187 Mariah Hausman,   Associate Professor of Media Arts TB-131
505-454-3390 Miriam Langer,   Department Chair TB-136
505-454-3461 Angela Meron,   Assistant Professor of Media Arts TB-129
505-454-3121 Jacobo Rael,   Equipment Assistant TB-105
505-454-3588 Rianne Trujillo,   Visiting Instructor TB-134
505-454-3449 Rock Ulibarri,   Facilities Mgr. / Lab Tech TB-121
  Software Systems Design
505-454-3588 Jonathan Lee,   Visiting Professor TB-134