NMHU Switchboard 505-425-7511
NMHU Recruitment Toll-Free 1 800 338-6648
Area code is 505

505-454-3286 Brandon Kempner Ph.D.,   Department Chair/ Professor DH-148
505-454-3414 Kathleen Eggert,   Administrative Assistant for English and Philosophy Department DH-134
505-454-3329 Helen Blythe Ph.D.,   Professor & Director of Graduate Studies in English DH-139
505-454-3191 Peter Buchanan Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies in English DH-141
505-454-3415 Lauren Fath Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor DH-142
505-454-3451 Juan Gallegos Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor/Director of Writing Center DH-140
505-454-3450 Jason McIntosh Ph.D.,   Associate Professor DH-150
505-426-2073 Tyler Mills Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor DH-149
505-454-3207 Eddie Tafoya Ph.D.,   Professor DH-143
505-426-2283 Ben Villarreal Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor DH-210
505-454-3253 Donna Woodford-Gormley Ph.D.,   Professor DH-144
505-454-3414 Graduate Assistants