Subject: Career Guidance  
   Subject Specific  
  full-text     Careers in Focus eBooks (Gale)
   Profiles jobs and career opportunities in various fields.
  full-text     PrepSTEP (EBSCO)
   PrepSTEP® for Colleges and Universities is a dynamic eLearning platform with self-guided academic skill-building resources and tools for career readiness and college success. Core Math, Science, and English Skills • Placement Test Prep • Computer Skills • Grad School Admissions Prep • Recursos Para Hispanohablante
  mixed     Vocations and Careers Collection (Gale)
   Finding the right career, enrolling in an appropriate college or training, searching for a job, advancing in your career through continuing education — these are high stakes tasks in today’s world. This database makes it easier for researchers by providing content that encompasses general career guides to highly specialized industry journals.