Highlands Employee Online Documents

If you are experiencing problems, especially logging on, please read the following instructions:

To access the Employee Online Documents, you must have a username and password for the HU_ADM domain.
Your username and password are the same username and password you use to logon to your university computer or to check your university e-mail (Your username is the part of your e-mail address before the "@nmhu.edu").

When you click the Online Documents link you may be prompted for your username and password. We have examples of what you may see below under options 1 and 2.

Option 1:
If the popup box has two (2) lines, the "User name" and "Password", then enter hu_adm\username in the first line and your password in the second line. (Generally Windows XP shows this option.)

graphic for 2 line login prompt

Option 2:
If the popup box has three (3) lines, then enter your username, password, and domain. Please enter hu_adm for the domain. (Domain name is not case sensitive.) (Windows 2000 tends to present this option.)

graphic for 3 line login prompt

 Click here to go to the Employee Online Documents

If you are still having problems accessing the employee online documents after trying the instructions above, please e-mail or contact the webmaster. The subject line must contain "New Helpdesk" without the quotes. Please explain the problem including error messages in the body of the mail message.

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