1. Help Desk software and ITS web site

    Install new help desk software so that CNS can keep track of request coming in. System is web based and will be the access through a new CNS web site. Move existing CNS inventory database to MS SQL Server and integrate with Help Desk. Project is on going and will take about one month to complete

  2. "Web for" training material

    Training material need to be developed for Banner's Web for Faculty, Web for Employees, and Web for Students. The first to be developed will be Web for Employees mainly because of the implementation of position control and allowing time entry and leave request through Web for Employees. Basic training material for Web for Faculty, Web for Employees and Web for Students is expected by beginning of the spring semester.

  3. Web for Executives, Priority High

    Implementing Banner's Web for Executives. This project will take about one to two months. Project will begin in December 2002.

  4. Begin implementation of CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning). Start in 2003

    CAPP needs to be implemented so that on-line advisement can take place. Project will take about one year to complete. CNS will be helping in the implementation as a support function.

  5. Move data off VAX.

    Move data off VAX on to CDs for future use.