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505-454-3357 Mary Earick Ph.D.,   Dean STEC-114B
505-891-6902 Scott Parkman,   Director of Assessment and Accreditation RIO-225
505-454-3357 Geraldine Baca MBA,   Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Education STEC-114A
505-454-3536 Katherine King AAS, AA,   Administrative Assistant for Graduate Programs STEC-114D
505-426-2247 Casandra Medina,   Administrative Assistant for Counseling STEC-129
505-454-3564 Counseling and Guidance,   Counseling Training Center-Free Counseling Sessions
505-426-2247 Casandra Medina,   Administrative Assistant for Counseling STEC-129
505-454-3396 Geri Glover Ph.D.,   Associate Professor of Counseling, Chair of Counseling STEC-128
  Kathryn Dziekan,   Visiting Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling STEC-108
505-454-3521 Jann Justice,   Clinical Experience Coordinator STEC-124
505-891-6906 Becky Kappus,   Director of Alternative Licensure RIO-121
505-454-3535 Becky Kappus,   Director of Alternative Licensure STEC-105
505-891-6903 Kevin Ensor Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor of School Counseling RIO-118
505-891-6941 Anna Koch Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling RIO-120
505-891-6930 Doug Main Ph.D.,   Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling RIO-108
505-454-3211 Sulema Perales,   Assistant Professor STEC-127
505-891-6920 Lori Rudolph Ph.D.,   Associate Professor of Counseling and Guidance RIO-116
505-426-2204 Heather Smith,   Associate Professor STEC-125
505-426-2270 Deanna Valdez,   Assistant Professor STEC-122
505-454-3548 Chia Vang,   Assistant Professor STEC-126
  Curriculum and Instruction STEC
505-891-6936 Daniel Olufemi,   Assistant Professor RIO-106
505-454-3381 KwangJong Park Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor STEC-121
505-891-6924 Seonsook Park Ph.D.,   Associate Professor of Education RIO-213
505-891-6923 Ann Wolf Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor of Reading Education RIO-214
  Educational Leadership STEC
505-891-6917 Sheree Jederberg Ph.D.,   Associate Professor RIO-212
505-891-6901 Robert Karaba Ph.D.,   Associate Professor, Educational Leadership RIO-210
505-891-6919 Rodney Rock Ph.D.,   Faculty RIO-209
505-891-6925 Sara Santillanas Ph.D.,   Faculty RIO-212
  Special Education and Teacher Education STEC
505-454-3416 Jammae Valencia,   Administrative Assistant for Teacher Education STEC-104
505-891-6911 Rosemary Fessinger,   Department Chair - Teacher Education RIO-206
505-454-3538 Taik Kim Ph.D.,   Associate Professor of Math Education and Math STEC-110
505-454-3514 Shirley Meckes Ph.D.,   Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education STEC-105
505-891-6928 Shirley Meckes Ph.D.,   Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education RIO-112
505-891-6933 PJ Sedillo Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor of Special Education RIO-215
   EDUCATION (SCHOOL OF) continued ...
505-454-3540 Mariana Ulibarri-Horan Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor STEC-120
  Office of Field Experiences STEC
505-454-3382 Julia Andrada,   Administrative Assistant Education / Field Education STEC-108
505-891-6927 Janis Taback-Keene,   Professor of Education RIO-206
505-454-3108 Stephen Weatherburn,   Director of Field Experiences STEC-109
Fax: 505-454-3028
Fax: 505-454-3028