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    Earth Science  
       CLIMAS - Climate Assessment for the Southwest
   The program promotes participatory, iterative research involving scientists, decision makers, resource users, educators, and others who need more and better information about climate and its impacts. CLIMAS investigators conduct research on the nature, causes, and consequences of climate change and variability in the southwestern United States.
       Climate Monitoring
   Climate Monitoring is a service of NOAA's National Climatic Data Center. The site is divided into 12 sections with links to reports, data, maps, and other resources.
   Your One Stop for Finding and Using Geographic Data. Find Data or Map Services, Make a Map, Browse Community Information, Cooperate on Data Acquisitions, and Publish your Data and Map Services
       Drought Risk Atlas
   The maps allow users to view drought status from 2000 to the present. The Data section presents data from individual stations, some containing more than 100 years of data.
       Earth Revealed
   A video instructional series on geology for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 26 half-hour video programs and coordinated books. Instructors must purchase programs for classroom viewing.
   EJSCREEN is an interactive mapping system developed by the EPA that allows users to produce maps and reports on many factors which affect public health. You may also map demographic data from the census bureau.
       Encyclopedia of Earth
   Focuses on environmental issues, particularly human interrelations with Earth's natural spheres. Broad categories are displayed in the navigation screen, where you can then narrow your topic.
       EPA Office of Water
   The site contains current information the Office of Water, links to regional water information, 25 Quick Finder Links, Laws & Legislation, and Educational Resources.
       Geologic Time
   Geologic Time was created by the Department of Paleobiology of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. It is an interactive website focusing on paleobiology and paleontology by using a graphical slider to allow discovery by eon, era, period and epic.
   This website offers articles, maps, videos on a wealth of earth science information. Hundreds of photos will aid in identifying rocks.
       Geospatial Platform
   The Geospatial Platform provides shared and trusted geospatial data, services, and applications for use by government agencies, their partners and the public
       GIS Dictionary
   Software company provides this free version of its GIS Dictionary with definitions for GIS terms related to operations such as analysis, GIS modeling and web-based GIS, cartography, and Esri software.
       Global Climate Change: NASA
   A multimedia website featuring photos, movies, animations, interactive graphics, and other engaging presentations of NASA's research into climate change.
       Knowledge Project: Ecology
   The Ecology Knowledge Project currently contains close to a hundred scholarly articles across ten topics, from the basics of evolution to landscape and global ecology. Articles are constantly being added.
       NAS Division on Earth and Life Studies Network
   The National Academies presents projects, videos and other educational information relating to climate change, geology, stem cells, life sciences, and other related areas.
       National Energy Library
   At this site you will find over 500 databases and Web sites containing information and resources pertaining to science and technology of interest to the Department of Energy, with an emphasis on the physical sciences.
   Electronic version of one of the most trusted names in scientific literature. Includes abstracts to the journal articles, as well as news briefs, blogs, special reports and podcasts.
   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
       Science Research is a free, publicly available deep web search engine that uses advanced "federated search technology" to return high quality results by submitting your search query - in real-time - to other well respected search engines such as OAIster, PubMed, Science Direct and Directory of Open Access Journals.
   Search engine for government science information. Areas divided by subjects such as Agriculture, Applied Science & Technology, Astronomy & Space, Computers & Communication, Earth & Ocean Science, Energy, Environment, Health & Medicine, Math, Physics & Chemistry, Natural Resources, and Science Education
       Skeptical Science
   This website gets skeptical about global warming skepticism. Do their arguments have any scientific basis? What does the peer reviewed scientific literature say?
       The World's Water is dedicated to providing information and resources to help protect and preserve fresh water around the globe. Sections include Water Data, Water Conflicts and OtherRresources.
       United Nations Climate Change Portal
   This portal provides authoritative information on topics such as The Science of Climate Change, mitigation, adaptation, finances, and access to full-text reports.
       USGS National Geologic Lexicon Database: Geolex
   Index to named geologic rock units in North America
       USGS National Geologic Map Database
   Index to maps and geospatial data relating to geology.
       Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules
   The Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules™ is a web-based focal point and resource for 3-D visualizations of molecules and minerals. They can be interactively zoomed and rotated so they can be viewed from all angles, much as with a real molecule.
       World Wide Science
   A global science gateway—accelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases and portals.